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Staff information

Each SMG site has a Crisis Management Team in place. This team will be responsible for managing any major disruption to the running of the Museum.

If the Crisis Management Team is called into action, all staff will be clearly informed that the Museum is in Crisis Mode. In this circumstance, all staff should await and then follow instruction from the Crisis Management Team.

SMG site:

All sites

Current status:

We are not in Crisis Mode.

In the event of a crisis, the Crisis Management Team (CMT) will communicate using the following methods.

Museum remains open:

  • Global Email sent to all SMG email addresses
  • Staff Crisis Briefings from CMT representative
  • Direct information from Line Manager
  • Crisis Management Intranet pages

Museum closure or staff are unable to reach the Museum:

We advise saving this page to your favourites on any personal computers, for quick access.