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Past Projects

Public engagement

Sonic Futures

This project aimed to deliver an interactive public engagement programme involving audiences in the creation of new approaches to curating sound technologies at the National Science and Media Museum.

Stack of cassettes and CDs
Public engagement, Research, Digital


#SonicFriday aimed to find new ways of making people interact with the Science Museum Group’s Sound Technologies collection using digital platforms.

Participants of We Make London rehearsing at the Lyric
Learning, Public engagement

We Make London

This project connected scientific skills with creative exploration to encourage young people to see science as something for them.

A multi-partner international initiative, bringing together cultural organisations, policy makers, academics, professional bodies, support agencies, and communities of practice, to build digitally confident museums.

Soyuz capsule
Public engagement

Tim Peake’s Spacecraft Tour

On its 20-month tour of the UK, over 1.3 million people visited the Soyuz spacecraft which brought Tim Peake safely back to Earth.

Public engagement

Illuminating Objects

Find out about this series of precious objects on loan from The Courtauld Gallery, and their scientific and technological histories.

Museums of the modern age
Public engagement, Research

Museums of the New Age

Stimulated by the Science Museum Group’s collections of cinema technology, Jean-Philippe Calvin, created a new soundtrack for the 1927 silent film ‘Museums of the New Age’.

A clear plastic tray containing milk and colourful dyes, with a hand holding a cotton bud. Image has a slight horizontal black gradient.

This project re-engaged Year 7 pupils with science at the transition stage between primary and secondary school.

Students participating in an Outreach School show, "Super Cool" in Cardinal Hinsley School, Harlesden

In this project we worked with schools in disadvantaged areas of London.