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SPID Theatre Community Collaboration

SPID (Social Progressive Internconnected Diverse) Theatre is a registered charity in North Kensington, specialising in high quality community theatre on council estates, whose remit is to advance education by the promotion of the arts, citizenship and community development.


SPID group worked with our curators and staff in Learning to share stories from the Science Museum collection on the theme of climate change.


Far Far Away is a programme run by SPID theatre championing youth truth. Staff from the science museum delivered sessions alongside SPID theatre staff to engage participants aged 7-12, in stories and objects from the science museum collection on the theme of climate change.

These session included a series of workshops, science demonstrations, an interactive quiz, and in depth discussions from the curators tackling questions regarding climate change and the latest science technology and innovation to address this ongoing challenge.


Inspired by the collection, the theatre group in collaboration with the young people created a live theatre piece called 'There is no planet B', which in turn inspired an animated film of Sylvia Stults’ poem 'Warned'.

The final result was a short film delivered virtually/online to invited audiences. In addition the animated film was showcased at the Science Museum as part of the Great Exhibition Road Festival 2021.


We would like to thank all participants and staff from our Partner Organisation, SPID Theatre.