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Digital lab

The Science Museum Group Digital Lab explores how museums can fulfil their missions in the digital age.

Operating at the intersection of design, technology and content, the Digital Lab explores the new forms of audience experience that are enabled through emerging digital technologies.


The Digital Lab undertakes projects that:

  • explore and test emerging technologies and establish their suitability for longer term activity
  • are agile and rapidly respond to new technologies and opportunities
  • have a short lifetime, unencumbered by the needs of long-term sustainability
  • deliver prototypes that can be tested and evaluated with audiences
  • share research findings and insights widely within the museum and the cultural heritage sector
  • build a community and form partnerships with those who share our interests.


For updates, follow the Digital Lab website.


  • Emily Fildes, Website Editor
  • Emilia McKenzie, Digital Manager: Learning
  • Dave Patten, Head of New Media
  • John Stack, Digital Director
  • Jamie Unwin, Technical Architect

Founding sponsor: Samsung