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Communicating Time and Culture


Communicating Time and Culture: Championing a Global Perspective in Science and Technology through Public Engagement (CTC) is an AHRC follow-on project from AHRC funded project, The Co-Creation of Historical Research and Co-Development of Visitor Experience in China and the UK (TCI).


The project is designed to showcase the historical clock trade as an important case study of global technological transmission and build on our transnational understanding of the creative industries in the UK and China.

It will do so by organising public history projects that encourage people to participate in historical research and raise awareness about the significance of British-Chinese creative collaborations in the past and present.

By working with creative practitioners to develop cross cultural interpretations of historical clocks, and documenting these collaborations, CTC will broaden and expand TCI’s research findings on cross-cultural audience interpretation and cross-cultural research with British and Chinese partners.


CTC will develop research-informed learning resources, including online resources. The project strives to foster audience interpretation through interactive cultural events by delivering a series of exciting public facing activities such as a musical performance, poetry slam and game jam.

Also, CTC will produce knowledge of transnational and cross-cultural research with new stakeholders through co-producing content with artists and performers that focuses on creative and cross-cultural responses to TCI’s findings. This will contribute to an understanding of the visitor’s knowledge production in our gallery spaces. These insights will be captured by post-event audience research reports.

Finally, the project will help researchers and project collaborators develop expertise in public engagement, through delivering public-facing cultural programmes for museums and heritage organisations and measuring their impact.

Project team

  • Principal Investigator—Professor Tilly Blyth, University of Leicester, School of Museum Studies
  • Co-Investigator—Dr Carol Chung, Science Museum
  • Engagement Fellow—Tara Panesar, Science Museum
  • Research Assistant—Dr David Francis

Project partners


Part of the Science Museum Group