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Communicating Material Cultures of Energy: Five Challenges for Energy Communication


This project aims to contribute to sustainable energy use by addressing communication-related challenges in the energy and culture sector through multidisciplinary discussions and activities.


This is a follow-on project from the AHRC-funded ‘Material Cultures of Energy’ project (MCE, 2014–2017), which examined how modern energy consumption transformed daily life during the 20th century.

It will engage with the process of communicating energy-related knowledge and information by collaborating with energy communicators in energy companies, government offices, community energy groups, museums and research organisations.

Further information is available at the project website.

Project team

  • Hiroki Shin, Research Fellow , Science Museum
  • Ben Russell, Curator of Medical Engineering, Science Museum
  • Prof Frank Trentmann, Professor of History, Birkbeck College, University of London
  • Dr Heather Chappells, Lecturer, University of British Columbia,
  • Dr Vanessa Taylor, Lecturer, University of Greenwich
  • Dr Rebecca Wright, Lecturer, University of Northumbria



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