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Live Science

Need volunteers for your research? Why not enrol Science Museum visitors?

Opportunities exist for high-calibre biomedical researchers to carry out research with visitor volunteers in the Science Museum’s contemporary science wing.

Live Science gives biomedical researchers an exciting opportunity to study some of the 3.4 million visitors who pass through the doors of the Science Museum each year.

Researchers are given the chance to gain access to participants already motivated by an interest in science, providing scientists with a rich source of data, and to enhance their public engagement skills.

Activities take place during museum opening hours in a dedicated space within the Who Am I? gallery in the museum’s Wellcome Wing, which is devoted to how contemporary science informs our thinking about identity.

We want our visitors to experience science for themselves by participating in real research experiments, engaging with research teams to discover how their work informs our perceptions of identity. We hope that studies will generate new and valuable data, and that both researchers and the museum will gain press coverage and exposure in scientific publications as a result of research conducted here.

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Requirements for study

Studies are required to have existing funding and be engaging for Science Museum visitors. You will need to obtain ethical approval from your host institution, an authorised countersignatory to a formal contract with the museum and public and product liability insurance. Participating researchers will be vetted in line with museum policy to ensure that research is accessible and enjoyable for visitors.

How to apply

Applications will reopen in Spring 2022.

Further information

If you have any questions or would like further information on current opportunities or past projects, contact us on:

Telephone: 020 7942 4748