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Donate an object

Are you interested in donating an object to the Science Museum Group Collection? Here’s everything you need to know. 

You may have an item in your possession that you think might be suitable for our collection. Before you get in touch, please read the below information carefully. 

Before you contact us

You may find it useful to read our policy

Please be aware that: 

  • We are unable to give valuations. 
  • We don’t usually accept items on long-term loan. 
  • We can’t accept items with specific conditions attached. 
  • Generally speaking, wedon’t collect moving film footage. The collection of films and television programmes in the United Kingdom is the responsibility of the BFI National Archive and the Imperial War Museum Film Archive
  • We can’t accept hazardous items unless there are particularly compelling reasons to do so. Hazardous items include firearms, objects containing asbestos, and explosive, flammable, poisonous, potentially carcinogenic or radioactive material.  
  • For information on how we manage the Science Museum Group Collection, please visit Managing the Collection

What happens if we accept your item?

  • Your item will be stored under appropriate environmental conditions. 
  • It may be displayed in temporary exhibitions, or loaned to other institutions. 
  • It will be available for research by our curators and the public. 
  • Your item may be more useful as part of our handling collection. If so, we will ask your permission to add it to this valuable resource. 

What if we do not accept your item?

We can’t take everything that is offered to us, so if we don’t accept your item, please don’t be offended. It may be for one of the following reasons:  

  • We already have a similar item in our collection.
  • The item doesn’t meet the criteria of our policy.
  • The item isn’t in good condition. 
  • There isn’t enough information about the history of the item. 

If your item is not suitable for us, we’ll try to advise you of another institution which may be interested. 

How to get in touch

We’d love to hear from you if you have an item that you think might be perfect for our collection: contact us using the form below. 

Each donation is checked on a case-by-case basis so please supply as much information as you can. 

Please don’t send the item to one of our sites, as we will not be able to return it.

Object Donation Form

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If the object cannot join the collection, would you be happy to donate it to be used in learning sessions?
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