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Igniting Curiosity in Science

  • Science Museum Group Learning will deliver world-class informal science learning, building on our success to offer greater access across all platforms and audiences.
  • Through our Enterprising Science research programme, we will integrate the principles of Science Capital to improve our practice.
  • A major restructuring of our digital initiatives will extend the riches of the Science Museum Group beyond our walls into classrooms and homes.
  • We will integrate shared practices and expertise throughout the Science Museum Group, while capitalising on the rich diversity of the different museums’ approaches and audiences.
  • By working with national and international partners we will amplify our work and build the Science Museum Group’s reputation.
  • We will focus our messaging to stakeholders, including government, funders, and industry so that the Science Museum Group is recognised as essential to achieving their respective goals.
  • By operating more effectively and entrepreneurially, we will increase financial efficiency and income generation to sustain the breadth of learning activity on offer.