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Our work

Our collection

The Science Museum Group holds an international collection of objects and library, photographic and archive material relating to science, technology, medicine, transport, media and industry. From medieval anatomical votives to 1980s personal computers, it is incredibly varied. Each museum in the Group specialises in an area of the collection.


The Science Museum Group’s Learning vision is ‘to enrich the lives of a large and diverse audience by igniting their curiosity in science’. With awe-inspiring authentic objects, cutting-edge science stories and hands-on activities, our museums celebrate and showcase the past, present and future of science and technology.

Our approach and science capital

Science capital is a measure of your engagement or relationship with science, how you value it and whether you feel it is ‘for you’. Science engagement is at the heart of what we do, and we use science capital to gain research-based insight into what influences and shapes engagement with and attitudes towards science.

Research and public history

The Science Museum’s Research and Public History Department maintains a thriving research programme that promotes new ways of understanding our collections, audiences and exhibitions. It stages conferences, workshops and events and supports grant applications led by the museum and partner universities.

Sharing Our Experience

With downloadable information sheets and research summaries from the Science Museum, you’ll have instant access to all we’ve learned about running sleepovers, outreach programmes, live events and much more.

Audience Research

We have nearly 20 years of continuous activity in a dedicated department, which has led to a large body of evidence and expertise in Audience Research. Read about the Audience Research and Advocacy team and download research reports.