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Science Fiction: Voyage to the Edge of Imagination

Science and science fiction explore the possibilities of tomorrow, today.

Together, scientists and science fiction creators imagine new worlds and new futures. Both seek answers to profound ‘What if?’ questions, inspiring us in a common quest to probe the limits of our human imagination and potential.

In this highly interactive and immersive exhibition, visitors will embark on a journey and play a vital part through a story-led approach. Guided by artificial intelligence of extra-terrestrial origin, visitors will board a compellingly real spaceship and explore how humans have imagined new worlds as both fiction, exploring the possibilities the future may hold, and as fact, bringing those imagined worlds into being. Visitors will travel to distant worlds and encounter authentic objects from celebrated science fiction film, television and literature—as well as iconic objects from scientific discoveries of the past, present and, perhaps, the future.

Features of this incredible exhibition include:

  • Three major immersive experiences set within the story
  • Dramatic film content, varied opportunities for interactivity and fun social moments
  • Star objects including those from celebrated film franchises
  • Award winning creative studio Framestore as key partner

Science Fiction: Voyage to the Edge of Imagination will tour from autumn 2023—please get in touch with our team at for bookings.