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Our Future Planet: can carbon capture help us fight climate change?

Our Future Planet showcases the cutting-edge technology and nature-based solutions being developed to remove and store excess carbon dioxide—one of the causes of climate change. 

The first major exhibition on carbon capture technologies to take place in the UK, Our Future Planet encourages visitors to engage with this timely and topical subject and understand how people and organisations are driving change.

Audiences will learn about the latest technology designed to remove and store excess carbon dioxide through films and animations, interviews with scientists, and footage of different technologies at work. The ‘Carbon Controller’ interactive encourages visitors to think about the policy and regulation aspect of this technology, and how this will impact our lives in the future.

Our Future Planet Gallery Images

Our Future Planet is available to hire in the form of a Blueprint Pack Exhibition, allowing your organisation to create a unique exhibition customised to your specific location and audience.

As a flagship exhibition on carbon capture, Our Future Planet is part of the Science Museum Group’s wider focus on sustainability. As the world’s leading alliance of science museums, the Science Museum Group has a unique opportunity to engage millions of people with the science of climate change and share our expertise around the world.

Through our public programme, collection, and working practices, we can connect our audiences and international partners with environmental and sustainability issues.

Find out more about how we embed sustainability practices in the development and touring of our exhibition programme in the Science Museum Group’s sustainability blog.

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