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Cancer Revolution: Science, Innovation and Hope

Created by the Science Museum Group with support from expert partner Cancer Research UK, this world-first exhibition explores how—at a pivotal moment when 1 in 2 of us will be diagnosed with cancer in our lifetime—more of us than ever before are living longer and better with the disease and beyond. Cancer Revolution encourages visitors to re-examine their perceptions of this illness.

Powered by stories of altruism and persistence, the exhibition unfolds through the experiences of people who study, treat and live with cancer, revealing the hidden lives of researchers, clinicians and policymakers fuelling progress. The exhibition intertwines their stories with those of people with lived experiences of cancer in a powerful expression of shared hope: together we can live longer and better, with and beyond cancer.

Cancer Revolution: Science, Innovation and Hope is available to hire in the form of a Blueprint Pack Exhibition, allowing your organisation to create a unique exhibition customised to your specific location and audience.