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Imagine a world without limits, where any object can be produced at the drop of a hat.

Discover how innovators use 3D printers to turn computer data into physical objects that could change your life. The exhibition includes an explosion of over 600 designs, revealing how 3D printers inspire creativity and groundbreaking innovation.

Recent advances in 3D printing mean that more people than ever can make their ideas real. This burst of creativity has created millions of interesting things—some of them could even change your life. No wonder 3D printing is always in the news.

But are the stories accurate—or even true? Let us steer you around the hype of 3D printing, as we reveal this technology’s real-life potential.

Following the success of the London display, 3D: Printing the Future is now available to hire in the form of a blueprint pack allowing you to print your own exhibition.

3D: Printing the Future