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Policies and reports

From Freedom of Information to managing our collections – download details of the Science Museum Group’s policies.

The Science Museum is able to provide immunity from seizure for cultural objects which are on loan from overseas under Part 6 of the Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Act 2007.

Protection under the Act can only be offered by approved institutions which have demonstrated to DCMS that they abide by their Due Diligence guidelines and have firm procedures in place for establishing the provenance history of cultural objects.

Immunity from seizure is only offered when specifically requested and is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • The object is usually kept outside the UK
  • It is not owned by a person resident in the UK
  • Importing the object does not contravene any law
  • It is brought to the UK for public display in a temporary exhibition at an approved museum or gallery
  • The borrowing museum has published information about the object online

Links to museums and galleries with forthcoming exhibitions which include objects lent from overseas to the UK can be found on the Arts Council England’s website.

Further information

If you have enquiries, please write to:

Immunity from Seizure
Documentation Centre
Science Museum
Exhibition Road
London SW7 2DD

Download our strategic plans

Download finance and payroll reports from the Science Museum Group

This information is defined by and published in line with the Government’s transparency agenda and provides a details of the Science Museum Group’s expenditures over £25,000. It is published on a biannual basis and the information it provides is correct at the times stated.


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July–December 2018


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Download Freedom of Information reports from the Science Museum Group

These reports show our activity and compliance under the Freedom of Information Act.

Freedom of Information 2018 Q1

Freedom of Information 2018 Q2

Freedom of Information 2018 Q3

Freedom of Information 2018 Q4