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Notice and Takedown Policy Statement

The Science Museum Group is committed to protecting copyright and related rights wherever possible. Upon initial verification of a complaint, it is our policy to suspend access to the content in question.

Although all reasonable efforts have been made to ensure that content that infringes the law will not be present on our websites or any publication or broadcast to which we have supplied content from our collection, the risk cannot be entirely eliminated. A variety of measures are taken to minimise and manage risk including the publication and implementation of a ‘notice and takedown’ policy.

The Science Museum Group has made all reasonable efforts to ensure that images and other content on our website and images we have published elsewhere are reproduced with the consent of their copyright holders. However, there are some copyright holders who so far have proved to be untraceable.

Copyright notification form

Please complete the following web-based form if:

  • You are the owner of the copyright or related rights in any of the content on this website, or in a publication or broadcast to which the Science Museum Group has provided content from its collection.
  • You believe that use of this content infringes your intellectual property or any other rights.
  • You believe that the content may be subject to a third-party ownership or another legal claim.

Your objection will be acknowledged within three working days of receipt.