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Science Museum, london

Tracing its origins from the Great Exhibition of 1851, the Science Museum has pioneered interactive science interpretation for more than eight decades and is the most visited museum in the UK by school groups. Among key objects on display are Babbage’s Difference Engine No. 1 (c.1832), Alan Turing’s Pilot ACE computer (1950), and the Apollo 10 capsule that went into lunar orbit in 1969.

National Science and Media Museum, Bradford

Set in the heart of Bradford, the National Science and Media Museum explores the science and culture of image and sound technologies and their impact on our lives.

Traditional and interactive galleries located across eight floors of the museum investigate and celebrate photography, film, television, animation, videogames and sound technologies. The museum is home to three cinemas, including Europe’s first IMAX screen and the world’s only public Cinerama screen.

Science and Industry Museum, Manchester

Science & Industry Museum entrance

From its home on the site of the world’s oldest surviving passenger railway station, the Science and Industry Museum tells the story of Manchester’s scientific and industrial past, present and future.

Manchester—the world’s first industrial city—has long been a hotbed of invention and experimentation. The museum conveys the colossal impact the city’s science, technology and innovation had and continue to have in changing the world.

National Railway Museum, York

The National Railway Museum is home to over 200 years of history and a vast and diverse collection of railway objects that includes the record-breaking Mallard and the world’s finest collection of royal carriages.

Visitors can explore the past, present and future of the railways in giant halls full of steam and diesel engines, enjoy iconic exhibitions, and take part in interactive learning events.

Locomotion, Shildon

Located in the ‘Cradle of the Railways’, Locomotion is the sister museum of the National Railway Museum.

A heritage site with historic buildings including the home of railway pioneer Timothy Hackworth, Shildon is packed with vintage vehicles and hosts a diverse range of events. The museum is run in partnership with Durham County Council.